The course has been designed and prepared by an expert panel of Osmania University. It addresses  the needs of the students regarding the studies of Arabic language. It will help them to learn the language accurately through the lens of grammar.

The course has five units. 1) Classical Prose : In this unit there are two chapters: (a) The Holy Qur’an. (b) The Holy Hadith  2) Modern Prose : It has 2 lessons. 3) Modern Poetry : It has 2 poems.

4) Grammar : It has 2 chapters in grammar. 5) Arabic History : It has 3 chapters from the history of Arabic literature.    



The syllabus has been designed to help the Under-graduate students to improve their linguistic skills and moral values. In the classes the focus will be on Reading comprehension, Writing comprehension, Listening comprehension and Speaking comprehension. The teacher will engage the students in various activities such as to read the text loudly, make them to form small sentences by using the new words, to





give them more exercises to consolidate their knowledge in the language  etc. to develop these skills.



The students will be able to…

 CO 1.  Read, write and understand the language.

 CO 2.  Speak the language to some extent, If practiced properly.

 CO 3.  Form correct sentences by using appropriate words.

 CO 4.  Write letters.

 CO 5.  Treat fellow beings and others with regard and respect.

 CO 6.  Give due respect to teachers, parents and elders.

 CO 7.  Inculcate values that help in overall developments of their personalities.

              CO 8.  Become good human beings by caring and empathizing the fellow beings.

 CO 9.  Become  responsible citizens who love their country and the nation.



The Instructor is expected to…..


1.      Share the course objective and the unit objective with the students

2.      Be on time to the classroom

3.      Engage the students in academic activities which may brighten their future

4.      Have patience while dealing with the students

5.      Be approachable to students inside and outside of the classroom


The students are expected to….


1.      Be regular to college with a fresh mind

2.      Be in time to class

3.      Respect teachers and elders

4.      Be ready with text books, note books and other necessary items

5.      Perform and submit the assigned tasks

6.      Submit assignments on time

7.      Maintain discipline and abstain from misbehavior




Ø  Units with learning outcomes

Ø  Session-wise schedule with proposed instructional strategy

Ø  Expected Reading List

Ø  Assessment schedule