The objective of the course is to provide the students with a basic view of valuation and investment in financial assets. To explain the basic concepts of risk and return and various methods of analysis. To explain the concept of portfolio and the various portfolio theories and evaluation methods.


CO 1 Students will have the knowledge and skills to select and employ base level tools for financial analysis.

CO 2 Analyze companies for investment purposes.

CO 3 Develop portfolio strategies for individual and institutional investors.

CO 4 Calculate the yield and duration of bonds.

CO 5 Understand the features of common stock.

CO 6 Understand the various bond theorems and its implications on the price of the bond.

CO 7 Students will be able to calculate intrinsic value of the stock through fundamental analysis.

CO 8 Construction and evaluation of minimum risk portfolio.

CO 9 Understand the risk and return of two assets portfolio.

CO 10 Students will be able to evaluate the performance of the portfolio.

Marketing Research

Business Ethics & Corporate Governance