COURSE OBJECTIVE: To provide the students the knowledge and skill of presentation and understanding of financial reporting for the corporate entities viz Companies, Banks, Insurance sectors etc. The concepts and standards underlying the accounting procedures used to measure business performance, amalgamation and liquidation.


CO1: The students will get familiarized with the various books to be maintained by Banking Entities and will get well versed with the legal provisions in preparation of final accounts with various Schedules.

CO2: They will be acquainted with the concept of Internal Reconstruction, Accounting treatment when the company is reconstructed and will gain proficiency on the preparation of final statements after Reconstruction.

CO3: They will be adept with the procedure of Accounting Treatment with respect to Acquisition of business.

CO4: Get an insight of Company Liquidation, Modes of liquidation and will gain proficiency on preparation of statement of affairs.

CO5: They will be adept with the procedure of preparing Liquidators final statement of affairs, calculation of liquidator’s remuneration and the concept of preferential creditor’s.

CO6: They will get acquainted with the concept of Amalgamation and will gain the knowledge of accounting treatment of Amalgamation in the books of parties concerned and the calculation of purchase consideration.

CO7: Will get familiarized with the terminology of Insurance sector and preparation of Final accounts under life insurance and Valuation of Balance sheet with calculation of amount payable to preferential holders.

CO8: Will gain proficiency in preparation of financial statements of general insurance, loss of Stocks and calculation of claim amount using Average clause.