Course Objective:

To bring awareness among the students about the income tax laws, various heads of income for individuals, how to file IT returns, doself-assessment and also to plan career as tax consultant.

Course Outcomes:

Course Outcome:  On Completion of this course the students will be:                                                                                                                                                                                            CO 1) Acquainted with various provisions of Income Tax Laws 

CO 2) Able to compute Income from Capital Gains and Income from other sources with a thorough knowledge of the applicable provisions and deductions.

CO 3) Acquainted with the various rules for aggregation and set off of losses of income of one head from income of other heads.

CO 4) Acquainted with the provisions relating to various deductions applicable from the Gross Total Income.

CO 5) will be in a position to compute the tax liability of an Individual with the knowledge of the tax rates applicable and will be adept with the procedure of filing returns.

CO 6) With the acquired knowledge the students can calculate their tax liability by themselves in future and they can also contemplate to choose a career in this field which is very lucrative

Students’ Code of Conduct

Rule 1

Mobile phones must be kept away from visibility and on Complete Silent mode during lecture sessions, unless otherwise stated by the faculty. Student(s) found violating the rule will be suspended from the on-going session instantly and attendance will be denied.

Rule 2

Students are not allowed in the classroom without calculators for all accounts, income tax, and other numeric subjects (like Business Statistics). Non – adherence or sharing of calculators will lead to suspension from the on-going session and denial of attendance for the subject.

Rule 3

Students must carry the prescribed textbook/study material (for accounts, income tax, other numeric subjects like Business Statistics) in the class. Sharing of Textbooks/study material is not allowed and non adherence of the rule will lead to suspension from the on-going session and denial of attendance.

Rule 4

Classroom Discipline:

Ø  Noise in Classroom in the presence of teachers :

Such behaviour will be strictly dealt with.

Ø  Sleeping in lecture sessions :

Strictly not allowed. Will lead to suspension from the on-going session.

Ø  Late entry in classrooms is not permitted.

Grace time:

 First hour – up to 8:35 am

Subsequent lecturesup to 5 minutes of commencement of class

Ø  Eating during class sessions is not allowed. Will lead to suspension from the on-going class.

Offensive language and misconduct in classrooms will not be tolerated in any case. Students will be put through the Discipline Committee. Any such incidents against faculty especially will lead to immediate suspension from classes until meeting with parents.