Instructor:   Mr. K.T.Srinivas , (Assistant Professor , Political Science) M.A, M.phil, UGC( NET).  Since 2003 , teaching Political Science for under - graduate  students at ST.Marys. Expert in guiding students for UPSC and TSPSC  exams. total 27 years of teaching experience guiding students preparing for UPSC ,TSPC  exams and under-graduate students.    

  Objectives of the study:

·       India is a democratic country.  Hence it becomes the responsibility of every citizen to know the concept of Rule of law, its origin, benefits derived from it.

·       India is a democratic country.  Hence it becomes the responsibility of  every citizen to know   the various laws associated  with and operation of laws in the criminal justice system of India.

·       To raise them as competent individuals conscious of their ethical responsibility in terms of social rights and civil liberties and laws prevailing in the system.

·       To help students prepare for successful careers in the academy, national and international institutions (public, private and/or non-profit), non-governmental organizations, governmental bodies, and the media.

·       Course outcomes;


By  the end of  the course, the student will be able  to


CO1   :Demonstrate a broad and deep understanding of

The origin and growth of the concept Rule of law.

CO2   : Understanding the benefits  derived by the citizen from

             The concept rule of law.              .

CO3   :  Understanding the relevance   of Rule of law in a


CO4    : Demonstrate a broad and deep understanding of the

             Origin and growth of criminal justice system in India. 

CO5:Understand the  various laws  associated with the Criminal justice system in India

CO6      :Helps   students who want to pursue their

                Career in law after graduation.