Course Objectives

MS Word:
1 Indicate the names and functions of the Word interface components.
2 Create, edit, save, and print documents to include documents with lists and tables.
3 Format text and to use styles.
4 Add a header and footer to a document.
5 Add a footnote to a document.
6 Add a graphic to a document.
7 Use the Spelling and Grammar Checker as well as Microsoft Help.
8 Manipulate documents using formatting tools.
MS Powerpoint:
1 Identify the names and functions of the PowerPoint interface.
2 Create, edit, save, and print presentations.
3 Format presentations.
4 Add a graphic to a presentation.
5 Create and manipulate simple slide shows with outlines and notes.
6 Create slide presentations that include text, graphics, animation, and transitions.
7 Use design layouts and templates for presentations.
8 Create a PowerPoint presentation.

Course Outcomes

MS Word:
1 work with the basic features of Word
2 create a new document
3 work with a document
4 display documents using various views
5 select and work with text in a document
6 use a range of font formatting techniques
7 format paragraphs
8 work effectively with features that affect the page layout of your document
9 create and modify tabs and tables
10 insert and work with clip art and pictures
11 use the Mail Merge Wizard to perform mail merges
12 print a document
13 find the information you need in Help
14 create high-quality document designs and layouts.
MS Powerpoint:
1 work with the basic features of PowerPoint
2 create a new presentation
3 work with presentations
4 insert text into a slide and apply basic formatting
5 work with the various slide layouts
6 create and work with SmartArt graphics
7 draw and format shapes
8 navigate a slide show in PowerPoint
9 use a range of printing techniques
10 follow the procedures for using various forms of Help
11 create brilliant presentations.