Objectives:                                                                                                                                                 ●       To develop soft skills among students for a better career

●       To improve their attitude and personality

The aim of this course is that the students should be able to: i) Develop effective communication skills ii) Develop effective presentation skills. iii) Become self-confident individuals by mastering inter-personal, team management, and leadership skills. iv) Develop all-round personality with a mature outlook to function effectively in different circumstances. v) Develop broad career plans, evaluate the employment market, identify the organizations to get good placement, match the job requirements and skill sets. vi) Take part effectively in various selection procedures adopted by the recruiters.  

The course also aims to impart and fine-tune the students’ attitudes, values, beliefs, motivation, desires, feelings, eagerness to learn, flexibility, persuasion, diplomacy, and various skill sets of communication, manners, and etiquette so that they will be able to deal with different situations diligently and responsibly.

Department of English , Osmania University has designed the curriculum of Study and Referencing Skills to meet the research requirements of the students.  The syllabus in the previous semesters was designed to meet the basic requirements of learning a language in all its varied aspects.   Study and Referencing Skills is aimed at  enhancing students’ understanding of the research patterns, requirements, writing and other essentials and thereby making them competent to attempt any research project .

Course Outcomes:

The students will be able to:

CO I. Learn the use of dictionaries and thesauri to enhance their knowledge about English language

CO II. Expose himself/herself to discourses on research and improve comprehension skills

CO III. Learn speech drafting and the tone and style of presentation

CO IV. Learn about citations, writing footnotes and formatting bibliography

CO V. Understand the concept of note making thoroughly

CO VI. Understand the process of gathering and sorting information

CO VII. Learn the process of writing projects and research articles

CO VIII. Learn the art of editing and redrafting


Effective public relations skills are essential to so much of the success in private and public spheres. Public relations efforts address how we wish to present ourselves to others and how to deal with the perceptions of who others believe we are. Public relations tactics are useful for large international corporate projects, or something as personal as networking for your own career advancement. If you are taking this course as part of a communications major, you may well find most every other course in the program is based on addressing how we relate to others. The field of public relations takes the theories of human interaction and applies these theories for real-life results. This course will help prepare you to conduct public relations suitable for small start-up businesses, international companies, political campaigns, social programs, personal development, and other outreach projects. There are many tools useful to effective public relations. As we review the components of a public relations campaign, you will learn how to prepare the key materials that will help you get the job done.