Course Objectives:

 1) To provide an overview of Indian economy.

 2) To make the student acquaint with the latest developments in the economy.

Course Outcomes: 
CO1  To get an overview of Indian Economy. 
CO2 To make the students acquainted with the latest developments in the Economy.
CO3 Students will come across with the problems and success of LPG Policy 
CO4 Know the positive and negative impacts of LPG.   
CO5 Students will know and understand nations problems
CO6  Learn the measures to solve the problems of the nation.
 1) Meera Naidu “Introduction to Indian Economy”HPH.
 2)  Ruddar Datt and K.P.M. Sundharam “Indian Economy”, S. Chand & Company Ltd., New Delhi,2013                                                             3)S.K.Misra & V.K.Puri “Indian Economy-Its Development Experience”Himalaya Himalya Publishing Company, New Delhi, 2013.                    4) Introduction to Indian Economy: Dr. P. Venugopal Rao, PBP   .                                            5) Vivek Mittal “Business Environment” Excel Publications, New Delhi, 2013.     
6) Aswathappa.K. “Essentials of Business Environment – Text, cases & Exercises” Himalaya Himalya Publishing Company, New Delhi, 2013.                                                                          
 7) Economic Survey—Government of India, Ministry of Finance, Oxford University Press, New Delhi.                                                                       8) The Economic Times, News paper                     9) Business Line, News paper

Instructions to the Students        

[1]    Students are requested to be in class prior to the faculty entering into the class.

[2]    A late entry (After 5 Minutes of the prescribed session hour i.e., 300 Seconds) into the class is strictly prohibited.

[3]    Once session begins, students are not allowed to go outside; case is different for valid reason.

[4]    Students are advised to attend all sessions without fail (Maintain Minimum 75% Attendance).

[5]    Every day questions will be asked on the topics covered in earlier sessions, students should be prepared to give the answers.

[6]   Students are advised to carry Pen and Running Notes to each and every session compulsorily.

[7]   Students are requested not use Mobile Phones during the session.

[8]    If Student is found using Mobile Phones during the session, mobile will be confiscated and will be returned only at the end of the semester. Hence students are advised to give landline number of college information centre to their family members for emergency purpose.