The objective of this course is to provide a classroom and laboratory environment that enables students to develop basic skills in object-oriented programming and to gain experience in the C++ programming.  

Each student is expected to possess the following caliber individually after successful completion of the course.

CO1                      To understand how C++ improves C with object-oriented features.

CO2                      To learn the syntax and semantics of the C++ programming language.

CO3                      Clarity in Understanding Object-Oriented Principles.

CO4                      Ability to describe and implement object-oriented concepts.

CO5                      Competency for implementing any C++ programming tasks.

CO6                      Proficient enough to understand any object-oriented language.

CO7                      Confidence to exhibit the acquired concepts in terms of the seminar, group discussion,                                        and programming challenges.  

CO8                      To learn how containment and inheritance promote code reuse in C++.

This course will teach the learner how to implement some fundamental data structures and algorithms in C++ with a combination of theoretical introduction  and practical C++ implementation code.

Course Outcomes:-                            
The course will help students to develop the ability to:
CO1:   Write algorithms and Pseudo-code
CO2:   Draw flowchart to slove given problem
CO3 :  Analyse an algortihm
CO4:   Implement Linear and Non-Linear data structures
CO5:   Summarize searching and sorting techniques
CO6:   Describe stack,queue and linked list operation and inplement them using OOP concepts.
CO7:   Gain knowledge about trees and graphs concepts
CO8:   Articulate applications of various data structrues
CO9:   Make a choice of the appropriate data structure to solve a programming problem
CO10: Write programs using C++ to impement various operations on ADTs.