The course will help students to understand:

·       The impact of government policy and regulations on the banking industry.

·       Financial statements and performance of banks.

·       Banking lending policies and procedures.

Course Outcomes:

CO1 To gain knowledge about the history and present scenario of the Indian banking system
CO2 To elucidate the broad functions of banks
CO3 To understand the working of the Reserve Bank of India
CO4 To grasp the conduct of monetary policy and its effect on interest rate, credit availability, prices and inflation rate
CO5 To express opinions about banking in written and oral form, based on the basic knowledge and skills acquired
CO6 CO6 To learn the importance to be updated on the developments of the banking sector and practice the same.


          Banking Theory And Practices: Dr. P.K. Shrivastava, Himalaya publishers.


          Topic wise links will be provided in the class.

Instructions to the Students        

[1]    Students are requested to be in class prior to the faculty entering into the class.

[2]    A late entry (After 5 Minutes of the prescribed session hour i.e., 300 Seconds) into the class is strictly prohibited.

[3]    Once session begins, students are not allowed to go outside; case is different for valid reason.

[4]    Students are advised to attend all sessions without fail (Maintain Minimum 75% Attendance).

[5]    Every day questions will be asked on the topics covered in earlier sessions, students should be prepared to give the answers.

[6]   Students are advised to carry Pen and Running Notes to each and every session compulsorily.

[7]   Students are requested not use Mobile Phones during the session.

[8]    If Student is found using Mobile Phones during the session, mobile will be confiscated and will be returned only at the end of the semester. Hence students are advised to give landline number of college information centre to their family members for emergency purpose.

[9] Students has to complete their assignments and projects as on prescribed time limit.

CO1)Understand the process of marketing research and its different processes
CO2) Understand different research methods
CO3)Analyse and interpret both qualitative and quantitative data
CO4)Conduct and analyse a focus group discussion
CO5)Communicate research results in the form of report writing and oral presentations
CO6)To explore different trends in  Marketing research
CO7)Understanding various Applications of research & the effect on the market segments.
CO8)Understand relationship and differences between marketing research and marketing information systems.