The course addresses the English language needs of the students at the undergraduate level. The focus will be upon four categories: Prose, Poetry, Vocabulary, and Grammar.  In addition to these the last two units focus upon developing the writing skills of students by including essay writing and report writing. The content of the text raises questions of how English is used in India versus how it ought to be used and thus engaging the debates about a “standard English” and the need of adapting English to the local cadence and culture of India. Similarly, the British and American variations of the language are included to orient the students to broaden their view of English as an International language. Overall the course will focus upon the critical thinking faculties of the students concerning academic, linguistic, political, literary and ethical concepts.

The syllabus has been designed to develop linguistic and communicative competence of undergraduate students. Comprehension questions are asked to stimulate discussion and based on the discussions the students are made to write short paragraphs /essays, participate in group discussions.