COURSE OBJECTIVE: To appraise the students about the regulations in relation to Insurance Policy, the various policies and procedures involved in Insurance Businesses etc.


Upon learning this course, the student will be able to:

·       Have a basic idea of types of insurances and various reforms that exit. It would enable students to understand the role and functions of IRDA.

·       Have a brief idea about nomination, transfer, repudiation, frauds and protection. They would understand grievance handling mechanism and international trends of Insurance.


SCHEME OF EXAMINATION: All evaluations are conducted as per the norm of Osmania University. These are two components of evaluations: Internal – 10 Marks, External –40 Marks
There will be 2 internal examinations during the semester as per the schedule of Osmania University. At the end of each semester, the final external examination will be conducted by Osmania University.
The pattern of Internal Examination Schedule/Date is decided by the University. Each Internal Examination is of 10 Marks. Final Marks of internal examination is the average of two internal exams of 10 marks. Questions are of objective types and conducted and evaluated at the college & by the college.



Students should adhere to the rules framed under Minimum Class disciplinary rules.


Students are not allowed inside the class after 10mins(if first hour), 5mins(subsequent hours)


Students are not allowed to sleep in the class


Students are expected to maintain discipline in the class


Students are not supposed to attend calls during class


Students are not allowed to use abusive language