General English - Sem 2

The Course


The course addresses the English language needs of the students at the undergraduate level even as it acknowledges their critical thinking capabilities. The text is prepared in alignment with the CBCS English curriculum with an objective to enable youngsters to hone English language skills for the professional world. It includes four genres- short fiction, prose, poetry and drama- for the contextual language learning. The reading passages also provide further context familiarizing learners with various aspects of language and soft skills components and thought provoking value orientation to channel the youngsters’ attitude and actions towards positive direction.


Course Description

The syllabus has been designed to develop linguistic and communicative competence of the Under-graduate students.In the classes the focus is on the skills of Reading Writing, Listening and Speaking divided under the four categories of Prose, Poetry, Vocabulary and Grammar For this, the teacher uses the text /selected paragraphs pedagogy.  The teachers also ask comprehension questions to stimulate discussion and based on the discussions the students are made to write short paragraphs /essays, participate in group discussions paragraphs /essays, participate in group discussions .