Discipline Specific Course

Course Overview:

This course in statistics provides the minimum knowledge to understand and process the data. It also provides a glimpse of a variety of statistical techniques available to perform basic data analysis and interpretation. Applications of this course can be found in Economics, Commerce, Physics, Chemistry, Pharma industry, Engineering etc.

Course Outcomes

The student completing this course 

CO-1                      Learns the importance of statistics.

CO-2                      Will be able to perform sampling and also tabulate the data properly.

CO-3                       Is equipped with required techniques resulting in the enhancement of their data interpreting abilities.

CO-4                      Should be able to find Correlation & Covariance to some physical problems.

CO-5                      Shall be able to measure the error in the observation table. (MS-Excel can be used as well).

CO-6                      Should be able to calculate skewness and kurtosis.

CO-7                      Is equipped with basic knowledge to explore their area of interest to enhance their learning.

CO-8                      Will be able pictorially represent the data.